Ensuring technology delivers on the promise to simplify business procedures and foster market changing innovation.

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We are continuing to explore how technology infrastructure can deliver faster services, create increasingly successful teams, innovate processes and establish unforseen value in communities.

The potential for digital enterprise in a global environment enables great value and flexibility for innovation, quality, and customer engagement.

Our goal is simple: To create solutions that use, upgrade and develop the web and facilitate businesses to provide streamlined services.

Software & Hardware

We support market-driven enterprises of engaged senior staff looking to adopt new software for critical customer segments. We'll help you select, procure, and deploy the most appropriate products at the best price. Thanks to our proven team, you can spend more time in your business and less time fighting business decisions.


Fast, flexible and easy to use our custom built business infrastructure helps organisations looking for the right solution to their in-house storage and communication challenges. We give you all the tools you need to manage storage, teams and visibility from any single perspective.

Cloud Services

We are making it easy to start on the cloud by offering easy and affordable cloud licenses, custom hardware, cloud hosting, and cloud managed servers with security and compliance built in at the lowest possible cost.

Support & Management

Elixir is a leading provider of high-end technology support and management services for projects worldwide. We offer clear solutions to complex problems in infrastructure, resource management and international development.